‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Freighter Captain NPCs Programmed To Challenge Players Through Quests Soon

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:20 AM EST

Hello Games continues to its drive to help “No Man’s Sky” rise from the ashes, most of which was seen on the Foundation Update. While added content and bug fixes are a given, NPCs may soon play a key role in giving players more adventures.

That possibility involves possibly adding side missions or quests which could end up very rewarding for “No Man’s Sky” players. Resources are a necessity and so are the in-game currency that would aid players in buying freighters, Forbes reported.

Moving from one place to another is the best trick to collect money and resources in "No Man's Sky". But there could be another way of earning up to and this could be in the form of events or quests. If this is the case, where would it all start?

Freighter Captain NPCs could be the answer to that. Some "No Man's Sky" players over at Reddit have dished on future quests handed out by the NPCs, interacting with them likely to happen if activated in the future.

Tying that up with “No Man’s Sky” game possibilities quests could be a part of getting the Freighter Captain to trust the player. Once achieved, boarding the ship and being amply rewarded with upgrades or items which could give gamers a big shot in the arm.

There is no question that “No Man’s Sky” comes with lots of things to do. With plenty of planets and open space to check out, adding quests should help provide another aspect of the game and add a bit of story-telling.

As far as interaction on “No Man’s Sky” is concerned, most have been limited. To date, that includes ones with the Priest Entity Nada for Atlas exploration help and Specialist Polo’s progression rewards in the Space Anomalies.

Players are challenged to meet their requirements on “No Man’s Sky”, something that could eventually recur and become too common. Hence, Hello Games could be working on one and the best thing to do right now is seeing what future updates will bring.

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