‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: How To Catch The Elusive 'Santa Hat Pikachu' This Christmas

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:22 AM EST

Niantic’s much-awaited Christmas event is here and “Pokemon Go” players are expected to have field day with the improvements and new critters out in the wild. One Pokemon in particular that most want to catch is the Santa Hat Pikachu.

The Santa Hat Pikachu is a limited edition offer, a pocket monster that may be caught only between Dec. 12 to 29. With the time element, most “Pokemon Go” players are expected to lay out all the cards to be able to snag the yellow-colored critter.

Do take note that this critter may be different from the regular Pikachu most “Pokemon Go” players may have come across. To be directed to the right direction, this is where the new nearby tracking and sightings feature of the game comes in.

With the aid of the nearby tracking for “Pokemon Go”, all players have to do is head towards that direction. From there, it becomes a bit tricky. There is a great chance that catching him would need the usual elements such as using raspberries and turning to the “Great Balls” or “Ultra Balls” for successive capture, Game Rant reported.

Tactic and timing is essential to snag the Santa Hat Pikachu on "Pokemon Go", so players are advised to bring out all the stops to make sure they are able to add him into their PokeDex. Do not be surprised though that it may take a while (and patience to get him) since he is technically a rare for the holiday season, Pocket Lint reported.

With the Christmas season in full gear, the Santa Hat Pikachu should be the one driving most "Pokemon Go" players crazy. But then again, do remember that there are 100 new Pokemon to look forward to as well.

That said, make sure you have the ample space in your “Pokemon Go” inventory. Cover all the bases to make sure that once the opportunity comes, all you have to do is feed, throw and capture the elusive Christmas pocket monster offering.

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