Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insulted Each Other, A Film Promotion Gimmick?

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:50 PM EST

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are busy promoting their upcoming film "Passengers". But more than the film the stars are getting limelight due to their antics. The star duo's latest gimmick was participating in a round of "Playground Insults" a BBC Radio 1 game.

The BBC Radio 1 game brings celebrities against each other and they have to crack each other with personal slights. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's performance were incredible as they were not bothered to get extremely personal, reported CBS News.

"Why did they call it 'Joy'... It's such a shame to meet somebody you thought you'd like," Pritt said which was enough to crack Jennifer Lawrence. But she is not the one who will break so easily. When her turn came she said that Chris Pratt is dumb and everything he knew was taught by his 3-year-old son.

Chris Pratt also questioned Jennifer Lawrence about being in the stupidest Marvel movie. Lawrence on the other hand, given a blow to Pritt by asking where he keeps his Oscar. Both the stars did not stop and hurled one after another insult on each other.

Not Only the BBC Radio1 show, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have stolen the limelight on several other occasions with their antics. Recently "The Passengers" actors had a chat with E! News which resulted into an extremely wild game. Both had some of their most candid confessions during the chat. Michael Sheen also accompanied them for the chat. When asked whom, they would recruit to rob a liquor shop, Sheen said that he would prefer more daring Lawrence. Pratt also chose Lawrence as his crime partner. Lawrence in her turn chose Pratt and she reasoned her choice by stating that Pratt was "sneaky and conniving."

When asked which celebrity they would like to eat, Jennifer Lawrence replied that she would prefer Woody Harrelson. Sheen opted for Taylor Swift.

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