‘The Winds of Winter’ Release Date, News & Update: Reason For 2017 Arrival Of ‘ASOIF’ Book 6 Revealed; ‘Dark Chapter’ Teased!

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:44 AM EST

Winter season is fast approaching but George R.R. Martin's "The Winds of Winter" is still not in sight. Fans continue to wait for more updates on the release of the most anticipated sixth book of the saga, "A Song of Ice and Fire," but the critically-acclaimed author still hasn't given a specific date. Rumors surrounding the book, however, have become rampant and word has it that the book is near completion.

Reports about "The Winds of Winter" release date can be confusing as they are only based on speculations, but some have reason to believe that "A Song of Ice and Fire's" sixth book should have been ready by this year. Earlier reports suggested that Martin's sixth book should've been completed early in 2016, but he didn't meet this release window, ultimately sparking rumors of a 2017 release date.

Fans start to lose their patience as 2017 seems to be way overdue. There had been several delays to the release of "The Winds of Winter" and George R.R. Martin even admitted that a lot of things - mainly seminars and travels - have gotten in the way of him completing the book. But despite this, The Washington Post explained previously via a graph that 2017 isn't overdue, but is actually on time, when compared to books from authors that are equally famous.

It looks like 2017 should be the year that George R.R. Martin's fans will look forward to as that could mean the release of "The Winds of Winter." Other expressed that a 2017 release is highly likely because the author has been generous enough in giving excerpts from the upcoming book.

As for the plot, not much is known except that "The Winds of Winter" will all be gloomy, set in a time when happy endings are impossible. He confirmed this during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "There are a lot of dark chapters right now in the book that I'm writing," Martin said. "Winter is the time when things die, and cold and ice and darkness fill the world, so this is not going to be the happy feel-good that people may be hoping for," he added.

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