'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Top 5 Strongest Pokemons For The Upcoming Gen 2 Update; Gen2 Pokemon Confirmed? Details Here!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 14, 2016 11:36 AM EST

There has been news surrounding online that "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 Pokemons will arrive before the year comes to a close. With that said, "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 is said to compose of Pokemons from the Johto region and for that, "Pokemon Go" players may want to prepare a lot of Stardust to power up the upcoming Pokemons.

Top 5 Strongest Pokemon In 'Pokemon Go' Gen 2

First up is Ampharos that is an Electric-Type Pokemon in the Johto region and is considered as a stronger counterpart of Pikachu. Ampharos will serve as a stronger Electric-Type Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" with the creature's stubby arms and a long black - striped tail with a red orb at the end.

Ampharos' red orb is a reflection of the "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 creature's power, when Ampharos generates power in its body; its tail emits a strong light. Ampharos' tail is also a signal for people who have lost their way and can be seen into space.

Next strongest Pokemon for "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 is Typhlosion that is a Fire-Type creature and one of three starter Pokemons in "Pokemon Gold and Silver." Typhlosion has a hot temper and can burn anything when it's angered and a good pick for a starter Pokemon from Meganium and Feraligatr.

Then there is Blissey, a Fairy-Type Pokemon with a higher health capacity than any Pokemon in Gen 2 and powerful defense. Blissey could be a great PokeGym defender and would possibly be the next Snorlax for "Pokemon Go" Gen 2.

Heracross is a Fighting-Type Pokemon that can best Machamp in "Pokemon Go" and one of the fiercest Pokemon in "Pokemon Gold and Silver" series. Heracross has great resistance and damage output than most Pokemons and the Megahorn move that could surely put Pokemons into sleep.

And finally, the strongest Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 is non-other than Tyranitar that is a non-legendary Pokemon and is said to be stronger than Dragonite. Tyranitar has great defensive and offensive stats and the Pokemon's Hyper Beam move can put the hurt to any Pokemon in its way.

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