Ariana Grande & Mac Miller News: They Nearly Had Sex Through A Wall In ‘My Favorite Part’ Video

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:44 PM EST

Oh. My. Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are SERIOUSLY good neighbors in the newly released "My Favorite Part" music video. The real life couple gets hot and bothered together, to the point where they almost have sex through a wall.

Ariana Grande, 23, is Mac Miller's ultimate girl next door fantasy in the new video for his song "My Favorite Part." The 24-year-old singer brought his real life girlfriend on to the track with him and she's featured in the video as the object of his affection who lives in the apartment right beside his. At the beginning of the video he helps her into the apartment building and when they are going to enter their units he tells her if she ever needs anything she knows where he lives. Then they go in to their apartments and start to sing alone while thinking about each other.

And my, oh my, does their common wall get a lot of action after that, as the pair start to fantasize about one another in the clip and nearly do the deed while in different apartments! They are actually groping each other through the wall at one point! You seriously have to watch the new video to see exactly how crazy it is.

The pair has been going strong for a while now, so it's only natural their chemistry translate right on to the screen. There is clearly very little acting needed there! We love this video so much and can't believe what a simple idea it is, but so sexy! Mac and Ariana are definitely one of our favorite couples and we can't wait to see them collaborate more. Though we don't know what will top this! This has just left the fans stunned and burned! For more updated on the same, stay tuned to

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