‘Designated Survivor’ Spoilers, News & Update: Review On Episode 9 ‘The Blueprint,’ Predictions On Episode 10 ‘The Oath’

By M PEO , Updated Dec 15, 2016 02:36 AM EST

Every episode of the "Designated Survivor" reveals the true intentions of the characters in the story. The character development and the political agendas of each character in the story make the TV series more interesting in the next episodes and seasons.

"Designated Survivor" started with an NSA employee who leaked information via WikiLeaks that could become a threat to the presidency of Tom Kirkman, played by "24" star Kiefer Sutherland. The whistleblower Gabriel Thompson, who leaked classified information from NSA, had only one thing in mind when releasing NSA the documents. He wanted to get the attention of the United States president, Tom Kirkman.

In the "Designated Survivor" episode 9, Gabriel Thompson got the attention of Tom Kirkman and granted him a five-minute talk. Thompson declared that the leaked information was just a shadow of his true intention. He gave the president the real deal on why he hacked the NSA's data and apparently, it was the conspiracy in the Capitol bombing, New York Times reported.

The last clips of the "Designated Survivor" episode 9 showed President Kirkman who believes that there is a traitor inside the White House after viewing the content of the hard drive given to him by Gabriel Thompson. On the other hand in "Designated Survivor," Hannah Wells played by Maggie Q was on her way to the White House to meet Kimble Hookstraten when her car was hit by an intentionally placed accident. Apparently, to prevent her from releasing the evidence against Peter Mcleish connections to Catalan, the prime suspect in Capitol bombing, Emertainment Monthly reported.

With the exciting turn of events in "Designated Survivor," the episode 10 with the title "The Oath" that will air tonight will be the season finale. The trailer shows President Kirkman delivering a speech while Hannah Wells is still alive and rushing to the White House.

In addition, what makes "Designated Survivor" episode 10 with the title "The Oath" worth to watch is about the gunshot in the trailer. It is not clear whether the gunshot is for Hannah Wells since she has all the evidence against Peter McLeish or it is for President Kirkman who is delivering a speech. If the gunshot is for the president, technically Peter McLeish will step up as the president if he won the vice presidency. One thing is for sure, fans will all be watching tonight at 10 PM on ABC. 


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