‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest News & Update: AR Gamers In For Long Grind To Evolve Togepi, Find Out Why Here!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:37 AM EST

Niantic has officially rolled out “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 and most are in for a long grind. That includes evolving the select pocket monsters available only through egg-hatching such as Togepi, Pichu or even Cleffa.

While this getting hold of these “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 critters seems better garnered from egg-hatching than venturing out endlessly into the wild, evolving them is another area augmented reality gamers may need to be concerned about. And much of that is because of the Pokemon candy requirements to shift them to their next form.

In the case of Togepi, evolving to Togepic would need 50 candies to accomplish. The good news is that he can be added through 5 KM eggs though much of that is left to chance as well, the Silph Road reported.

There are seven of these new critters on “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 to look forward to, all varying in KM eggs. The ones to expect on 2K Eggs are Cleffa and Igglybuff while Pichu joins Togepi in the 5KM category.

There are three under the 10 KM eggs – Magby, Elekid and Smoochum. Of the 7 new pocket monsters, Togepi is interestingly the one that requires the most number of candy to evolve, Pokemon DB reported. Could he have something special for “Pokemon Go” players to look forward to?

For now that could be hard to explain as folks venture out to hatch these new “Pokemon Go” characters and see how they turn out. Some have decried the long walks as well the chances of getting them, considering the random egg hatching could return existing pocket monsters already on one’s PokeDex.

Compared to hunting them down in common areas and at random, that seems a pretty fair deal than ending in a wild goose chase. It may be a long haul but Niantic has inadvertently made the Christmas season a busy one for “Pokemon Go” players.

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