Super Mario Run News & Update: A New Smartphone Game; What To Expect From Super Mario Run?

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:38 AM EST

It's been 31 years since Nintendo released the original Super Mario Brothers. This Thursday brings the latest game in the franchise and the debut for a smartphone Super Mario Bro's game. It's set to be the biggest mobile game since Nintendo's last one, which is Pokémon Go.

Dr. Toto has been based in Tokyo for more than a decade, advising businesses on the mobile gaming market. He's in no doubt that this release is a big deal. Mario is the biggest, most iconic video game character on the planet. In 'Super Mario Run,' the favorite Italian plumber is back, vaulting over villains, collecting coins.

"Nintendo has a way of making something feel new and magical again. It's easy to pick up and play and has that bright colorful look of a Nintendo game," as stated by Dr. Toto a game advertiser.

The Super Mario Run will join the lineup of Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja in topping a billion downloads, although some early reviewers have been critical of the fact that you can only use it when you're connected to the internet, even in single player mode.

"Super Mario Run is an auto-runner: basically, the levels look more or less like the Mario levels you remember, but the plumber moves forward at all times, as if you were playing the original games with one finger on the screen pad, never letting go," as reported by Eurogamer.

"You run, jump on platforms, eat mushrooms and try to avoid enemies. There's one big difference, though. Mario runs all by himself," as stated by Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto the main creator of Super Mario Run.

Not only will it be the first time Nintendo has released a Mario game for a piece of hardware it did not build, but the title has also received an unprecedented amount of publicity from Apple. You'll be able to download a demo version of the game for free, but the full version is going to cost $10.

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