'Super Mario Run' Release Date, GamePlay, Game Features, News & Update: Latest 'Super Mario' Is A Big Hit! Finally Launched On IOS?

By Caroline , Updated Dec 17, 2016 09:44 AM EST

After the "Pokemon GO" fiasco where it screwed big time! Another Nintendo property is making a large buzz online, however, it is making noise in a positive way. "Super Mario Run" has finally launched this week on iOS devices and those who are fortunate to download it from the Apple Store have already seen the first three levels.

According to Forbes, the game is really good and though it's not expected to reach the level of hype for the "Pokemon Go", it's alright. There's a higher chance for this game to become a hit and this is a big thing both for Nintendo and mobile gaming.

Release Date

According to Gadgets 360, December 15 is the day when the world's famous plumber will take over iPhones and iPads. iOS users have the option to receive notifications about when it can be downloaded. Although it will be released on the same day globally, the time may differ depending on the region or country the gamers are located. Probably, "Super Mario Run" is ready for download at around 12 am PST in the US and 1:30pm IST in India.

Download Size

"Super Mario Run" is anticipated to consume around 370MB of the iOS storage space. It's not much but it can be a concern to those who have a weak internet connection or have lower storage space. Time to delete unnecessary apps now.


"Super Mario Run" costs around $9.99 in the US and about Rs. 620 in India. This may sound a bit expensive but it's not a surprise since the game's classic and addictive. However, gamers can try it for free! According to Dallas News, the app is for free on some levels but if gamers want to unlock the other ones, then that's the time for the extra fee.

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