Nintendo Switch, NES Classic News & Update: Switch, NES Classic got more Google searches in 2016 than PlayStation VR, PS4 Pro, Xbox One

By Jackie Villegas , Updated Dec 15, 2016 09:36 AM EST

2016 was a big one for Nintendo and the Google searches for two of its latest consoles prove just how much buzz the company generated this year. This week, Google released its year-end lists of the top searched items on its search engine in 2016. The list of the top Google searches in the consumer tech category, which took in consideration all Google searches worldwide, showed that the upcoming Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic Edition were Googled more than the PlayStation VR, the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the Xbox One.

The results solidify Nintendo's place in the tech industry and prove just how highly anticipated and in-demand the Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic Edition are. The fact that the Nintendo Switch was the most Googled console this year is particularly remarkable given that the upcoming hybrid/handheld video game console was only officially unveiled in October. In addition, the fact that the Nintendo Switch topped the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One -- which were revealed more recently -- is quite a feat.

This may not, however, come as a surprise to those who have long followed the Switch. The console was garnering much hype even back when it was still codenamed the Nintendo NX and was still in the early phases of development. The Nintendo Switch is due out in March. Nintendo will hold Switch demos for My Nintendo members beginning next month.

Aside from the Nintendo Switch, another popular Nintendo video game console -- the beloved cult favorite NES -- also generated much excitement this year. Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, a miniature replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System of the '80s, in November. The old-school gaming system comes bundled with 30 games and thus quickly became a holiday season favorite, especially for those who still have fond memories of playing the NES as children. With the holidays approaching, the NES Classic Edition is in high demand and is now hard to find.

The top 10 most Googled consumer tech products of 2016 are: (1) iPhone SE, (2) iOS 10, (3) Google Pixel, (4) iPhone 7 Plus, (5) Nintendo Switch, (6) iPhone 7, (7) NES Classic Edition, (8) Galaxy S7, (9), Playstation VR, and (10) PS4 Pro.


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