'Final Fantasy XV' Latest Tips & Tricks: 'FFXV 15" How To Find, & Upgrade Drain Lance Weapon

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 16, 2016 12:10 AM EST

Drain Lance weapon in "Final Fantasy XV" has the capability to keep the elemental powers of a defeated opponent. Here are the tricks and tips to get and upgrade Drain Lance II.

What is a Drain Lance II in "Final Fantasy XV?"

As players journey through "Final Fantasy XV's" main story, they will get to know a weapon called Drain Lance. One of the soldiers you encountered in your adventure dropped this weapon. This weapon may not be as powerful as a legendary weapon but it holds a unique ability inimitable to other weapons in the game.

In addition, players can further upgrade the Drain Lance and transform it into a much powerful weapon in the game. Somewhere in "Final Fantasy XV" Chapter 2, you will meet Cid Sophiar from Hammerhead.

How To Get A Drain Lance II in "Final Fantasy XV"

To upgrade a Drain Lance to a better Drain Lance II in "Final Fantasy XV," Cid will need a metal scrap from the player. This item is typically found on the ground as players' journey through the story of the game. However, if the player has not kept any of it, they can still get one in Galdin Quay. The item can be located near the hotel's entrance. Quickly bring it to Cid once found to receive the Drain Lance II and 800 EXP bonus, according to "FFXV"gamepedia.

How to Upgrade to a Better Drain Lance II in "Final Fantasy XV"

The next great step is to upgrade the Better Drain Lance II to make it much powerful and stronger. To afford the second upgrade, you will need to give Cid Coeurl Whiskers according to IGN. This ingredient, however, is not easy to find. If you are having a hard time finding it, Keycatrich Ruins in Leide has it.

You may look for it in the northernmost part of the area where you will meet a Coeurls. Basically, you will have to eliminate it to get one Whisker. As soon as you acquire the dropped Whiskers, go back to Cid and claim the Drain Lance III.

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