'Final Fantasy XV' Latest Tips & Tricks: 'FFXV 15

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest Tips & Tricks: 'FFXV 15" How To Find, & Upgrade Drain Lance Weapon

Learn the clever tips and tricks on how to find Drain Lance and upgrade it for efficient gaming in "Final Fantasy XV."

by Yang Llaneza

Final Fantasy XV PS4 - Cid Sophiar master mechanic (NOT scrap locations)

Final Fantasy XV Tips & Guides: 'Cid Sophiar' The Genius Mechanic To Upgrade Noctis' Weapons for Higher Attack Power

Cid Sophiar is Final Fantasy XV’s "Mechanical Whiz" of "Hammerhead" garage for quick enhancement of Noctis’ weapons. Cid is also a reliable ally that can help Noctis in his quest.

by K Wissie

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