'Final Fantasy XV' Latest Guide & Update: 'FFXV' Point of No Return Location, Unlock Secret Dungeon Door

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 16, 2016 12:10 AM EST

Recently, "Final Fantasy XV" experts have come out in the open to expose tricks on how to maneuver in the open world. It was further revealed that one mysterious "Final Fantasy XV" creature has opened an inaccessible a point leading to the Open world. Here are the tricks and tips to specifically locate the Point of No Return in "Final Fantasy XV."

The Point of No Return in "Final Fantasy XV"

"Final Fantasy XV" has 15 chapters. At one point in the game, the Open World became difficult or even impossible to get into. Story-based diversions may take place on either Chapter 3 or 4 that may typically last for an hour, according to, RPG. However, the real point of no return reportedly transpires after setting sail to a fresh continent in Chapter 8.

There will be one semi-open chapter with linear series of events pointing to the end of "Final Fantasy XV." Moreover, in Chapter 9 lies the encounter with the shadowy Gentiana in the Leville Hotel in Altissa. Gentiana will be the key unlock the ability to summon the mysterious dog Umbra at the Hotel. Umbra will enable the player to head back to Lucis and the city center then back to the present. In this stage, neither EXP nor payments are required at the lodgings.

The Secret Doors of the Dungeons in "Final Fantasy XV"

Meanwhile, opening sealed dungeons entail completion of all 15 chapters in "Final Fantasy XV," says, Kotaku. After that, the Menace Beneath Lucis Quest can be accomplished before going to the dungeons' precise locations. After the single quest begins, drop by Risorath Basin at the east of Vesperpool. In here, you will meet Ezma who will give you the Dungeon Seal Key. Unlocking the dungeons will give you spells and weapons like the Hyper Magnum, Dominator, and the Apocalypse blade. In addition, you can also find Royal Tombs in most of these unlocked sealed dungeons in "Final Fantasy XV."

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