'Watch Dogs 2' News: Ubisoft to Unveil Patch 1.08 Soon; Offers New Features, Freebies, Game Modes & Groundwork for T-Bone Content DLC

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 15, 2016 05:48 AM EST

"Watch Dogs 2" started off on the right foot. It got good reviews and players were really pleased with the game. However, just like any other video games, it has flaws and these issues needed to be addressed so the game will run smoothly.

Ubisoft responded swiftly and most of the issues were resolved. Now that things have been fixed, the game's creator is now focusing on further developing "Watch Dogs 2" to make the game more exciting to play.

Likewise, since the company can now shift their attention to the fun side of things, it announced its plans to roll out "Watch Dogs 2" patch 1.08 for consoles and 1.07 for PC. It should be noted that the content for all platforms will be the same and only the number versions is different.

On Dec. 14, via "Watch Dogs 2" official Twitter page, Ubisoft announced the arrival of the patch. "Patch Notes 1.08 (1.07 on PC). New features, MP balancing, bug fixes," the tweet reads.

Moreover, based on the post on "Watch Dogs 2" website, patch 1.08 is not just to fix the bugs, add more features or introduce balancing to multi-player modes. It was stated that the update will also serve as the groundwork for the coming of the T-Bone Content Bundle DLC.

"As we move forward, we'll continue to introduce free content updates for everyone outside of DLC offerings and will continue to make tweaks to the online experience based on our data analysis and your feedback," the "Watch Dogs 2" team stated in the post.

For "Watch Dogs 2" gamers who use PC, they can expect improvements on the Crossfire systems and HUD on multiple monitor setups. Although the patch content is the same for PC and consoles, the ‘San Francisco Fog' fix is for PC only.

Lastly, "Watch Dogs 2" patch 1.08 will bring four new difficulty level modes and these are Hacker level, Replay Missions, Enemy Weapons and Select Difficulty Level. The best thing about the game level selections is that is that players can change their difficulty level any time, while in the play.  "Watch Dogs 2" patch 1.08 is arriving later this week as stated by Ubisoft. 

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