'Overwatch' Winter Wonderland News & Update: Blizzard Rolls Out Holiday Event; Find Out What You Can Get From 100 Christmas Loot Boxes!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 14, 2016 03:41 AM EST

"Overwatch" just received its holiday update called "Winter Wonderland" event. It is live now so some players were able to unlock a few items already. Blizzard dropped the update earlier today and surely fans cannot wait to try it as soon as they can.

Similar to the previous "Overwatch" events like Halloween's "Junkenstein Revenge," this December update will also provide new themed skins, emotes, sprays, highlight intros and more! But of course, what each players can get from the range of Christmassy items will depend on themselves, since they can either play to earn or purchase them if they want.

"Overwatch" players should also keep in mind that the holiday-themed goodies are only available for a limited time so they have to act fast if they want to have them. Blizzard's Winter Wonderland event has been set to run from Dec. 13 to Jan. 2 only.

What can players expect from the "Winter Wonderland" holiday event?

It was revealed that "Overwatch" Hanamura and King's Row maps were reconstructed to give them a winter feel. A snowball fight between teams can also take place here and each player can use the special snowball attack move.

What's more, "Overwatch" gamers can enjoy unlocking the loot boxes since they can collect many items and freebies. According to Paul Tassi of Forbes, he was able to unlock some goodies from 100 loot boxes and here are some of the "Winter Wonderland" items he got so far:

Voice Lines, Sprays, Icons, Poses, Highlight Intros, Emotes, Legendary Emotes, Epic Skins, seven Legendary Skins which include Santa Torb, Nutcraker Zenyatta, Santa Mei and four Elf Tracer. In addition, Tassi stated that he was able to obtain eleven Legendaries of cash or old skins that are not really included in "Overwatch" Winter Wonderland update.

Finally, "Overwatch" players should take note that the loot boxes contain different items so unlocking many of them will surely yield one nice collection of holiday-themed loots. The good news is that players is guaranteed to get at least one winter item in each box unlocked.

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