'Stardew Valley' Guide: Where To Find The Skeleton/Skull Key & How To Understand The Dwarf In The Mines

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:39 AM EST

The Skull/Skeleton key in "Stardew Valley" is easy to obtain. However, players must face a great deal in acquiring this key that unlocks a special mine in Calico Desert. Players must constantly visit the mines while packing up much food to restore both stamina and healthy to prevent passing out.

To set each goal, at least players have to go down ten or fifteen levels a day to assure that level 120 will be reached. This is not an easy path, but with right control and proper care, it will surely be achieved in no time and acquire the skull/skeleton key.

Going down levels and gathering scrolls at the same time

Always make sure that the pickaxe is fully or in the level of gold before venturing into the mines located near the Guild. Once players have the higher level pickaxe, they can break the huge stone deposit on the right of the mine. Once broken, they can encounter a dwarf that speaks in Dwarvish, which the players cannot understand.

In order to understand this language other than the "Junimos," players must collect 4 dwarf scrolls. Every scroll can be acquired by tilling the ground in mines and around town, which can be easily seen because of the worm-like animation.

Two-in-one benefit in mining and reaching the bottom

Once all of the four scrolls are obtained, donate everything in the Artifact Museum and Gunther will hand out the Dwarven translation guide, which makes players understand the Dwarf in the mines. After that, talk to the dwarf in the mine and he will sell good things including Health potions, Garlic oil, Miner's treat [that looks like a lollipop], and some bombs ranging from the smallest to the biggest explosion.

Visiting daily and digging down in the mines will make players eventually arrive in the last level. Open the chest and it contains the Skull/Skeleton key. Mining and digging down is already double purpose because players reach the very bottom of the mine as well as completing the scrolls to understand the Dwarf. Simple conversation are done that shares the views and life of the Dwarf in "Stardew Valley."

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