Most-searched Google Terms Of 2016: 'Donald Trump' Outranks 'Hillary Clinton;' 'Pokemon Go,' 'iPhone 7' Also Top List

By Mae Tan , Updated Dec 15, 2016 09:15 AM EST

Google released on Wednesday its annual top trending search topic list for 2016. The list contained the terms that ruled the search engine in 2016. The data were taken from filtered searches on Google Trends.

Top Three Searches: Pokemon Go, iPhone 7 & Donald Trump

It came as no surprise that the mobile game Pokemon Go, Apple's iPhone 7, and President-elect Donald Trump were among the top three global searches of the site. The number one most searched term reached its peak in July after its much awaited release. The mobile game app has reportedly beaten Candy Crush in its first month of release with a global net revenue of $200 million.

Apple's iPhone 7 claimed the number two spot on the list. The latest smartphone was released in September and was met with mix reviews. According to CNBC, the phone received high marks for various improvements including fast processing speed, sharp camera features, and longer battery life among other things. Ranking in third is the controversial President-elect Donald Trump.

The untimely death of the late rock star Prince in April gained him the fourth spot. The trending term "Powerball" also made it to number five. This term refers to the $1.56 billion jackpot that three ticket holders won in January.

Trump Trending In Most Lists

The U.S. Presidential Election was followed closely by the people around the world. The elections garnered the top spot under the "Global News" list. Topics involving the elections have made it to global trending lists as well.

Aside from being the third most searched term globally, Trump was also the most searched person in the U.S. and in the world . He beat Hillary Clinton in both lists who ranked second.

Below are Google's global top 10 trending topics for 2016:

1. Pokemon Go

2. iPhone 7

3. Donald Trump

4. Prince

5. Powerball

6. David Bowie

7. Deadpool

8. Olympics


10. Suicide Squad

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