‘The Missing’ Latest News & Update: Fans Are Not Going To Miss The Show Anymore, 'The OA' Is There To Replace It

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:06 AM EST

"The Missing" fans who are disappointed after the series' end will be happy that another show which is equally mysterious is going to air in Netflix from Dec.16 Friday. "The OA" trailer has promised an extremely baffling tale.

"a powerful, mind-bending tale about identity, human connection, and the borders between life and death," Netflix has described the show on its YouTube page. "The OA" is the story of a blind girl Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling). She went missing in her 20s and she has returned to her family. Surprisingly, her sight has been restored. Her parents and FBI wants to know about her disappearance but she has refused to reveal any details about it, as stated by Digital Spy.

According to Polygon, the show is about trusting and believing the unknown. Netflix wants to create a mystery around the show and has not divulged any detail about the story despite multiple requests from media and fans. The creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij's have done two films together previously. Their movies "Another Earth" is about aliens while "The East" is a psychological thriller. They might have taken inspiration from these two movies. So, we might get to see some aliens in the series.

The first trailer of "The OA" was released on Dec.12. The trailer is pointing that the series has sci-fi elements. It shows Prairie Johnson's parents who are concerned as their daughter refused to recognize them. She cannot even remember what happen during the 7 years of her disappearance. But as the trailer progresses viewers see that Prairie is behaving mysteriously. She tries to conceal body tattoos and roams around the town in a hospital gown. She also fastens some weird looking memory recollection device. The trailer shows at the end that Prairie can remember everything.

The series will have 8 episodes and the cast includes Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Jason Isaacs, Riz Ahmed, Phyllis Smith, Alice Krige, Nikolai Nikolaeff and Brendan Meyer.

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