‘Clash of Clans’ Latest News & Updates: Clash-A-Rama Took Internet By Storm, New Episode Airs On December 16?

By Jun Pasaylo , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:22 PM EST

A week after the outing of its premiere episode, Clash-A-Rama took the internet by storm in generating millions of views on Youtube both from loyal Clash of Clans players and anime fans from around the world. Clash-A-Rama is new animated series based on Clash of Clans and Clash Royale characters. It is Supercell's treat to fans by presenting a new level of experience beyond razing and raiding enemy camps.

Clash-A-Rama is a comedy based animation that tells the story of Clash of Clans characters during an off-war period when the Chief is yet building an army for his next adventure. Initiated by the men behind Simpsons and world-class animators from Rough Draft Studios, Clash-A-Rama is a different kind of story outside the usual fire-breathing dragons, war-freak barbarians, or merciless archers.

At the Clash of Clans mobile games, characters and troops do not talk. You only see them from the bird's perspective, trooping at the Army Camp while waiting for the Chief to lead them to war. In Clash-A-Rama, the new animated series give life to behind-the-scenes happenings when characters talk to each other, unveiling the real life scenarios of the Clash of Clan universe sans breaking walls, burning villages or stealing resources from rival camps.

The series will take fans to places where Hog Riders' rest, gorgeous archers' meet, or rivals end their rift in the Clash Royale Arena. Clash-A-Rama is built by talented people in the world of animation. They amplify the humor and emotions of the fantastic characters that complete the famous mobile based games Clash of Clans.

The first episode of Clash-A-Rama! The Series, titled "University of Goblin" opened the plot on the boredom of the entire village in an off-war season. Two Archers decided to have a shooting competition to stay sharp with their skeleton Wall Breaker neighbor as target while a Villager tries to teach English to Goblins. The second episode "Giant vs. Giant Problem" tell a story of a Hog Rider identifying a Goblin who stole his Hog. But after a year, he realized that he wrongly accused the poor Goblin. Fans are invited to keep tab on Clash pf Clans channel on Youtube to keep updated with the latest episodes of Clash-A-Rama. Watch Episode 2 of Clash-A-Rama here:

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