5 Ways To Finish 'Dishonored 2' Without Being Seen & Captured By Anyone

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:29 PM EST

For unsuspecting or unprepared players, "Dishonored 2" can be a complex and even intimidating game. As with its predecessor, wide environments and surprisingly perceptive enemies can give headaches to those who are not accustomed to the style of the game. Furthermore, while the game's combat is fun and surprisingly deep, nothing beats going through a whole phase undetected by your enemies before it's too late.

Be the Strangers

Thinking about it, UOL Games has separated some basic tips for anyone who wants to go unnoticed by the guards patrolling the city of Karnaca in "Dishonored 2." Keep in mind that most tips take into account that players choose to use the Stranger's powers, but can be adapted if you have left the larger challenge and follow the game without supernatural abilities. Nor is it necessarily recommended to anyone who is playing the campaign for the first time, since a "perfect" way can cause unnecessary frustration.

Go to The Top
This is perhaps the most basic tip, but also more important: do not stay on the streets. Karnaca in "Dishonored 2" is constantly patrolled by guards who do not take long to recognize and attack Raven or Emily. Therefore, it is important to stay out of your field of vision, and the easiest way to do this is to follow from the top.In addition, it is easier to know and study the different enemy routes and paths to be accessed from a higher point of view

Avoid Conflict in General
The best way not to be seen on "Dishonored 2" is to try to avoid maximum contact with enemies. So sometimes it's better to get around these problems. If a room or environment is being patrolled by two or more soldiers, it is best not to confront them - at least at the beginning of the game, before unlocking more powerful versions of their abilities.

Use The Environment in Your Favor
On the "Dishonored 2" maps, there are probably 120 bottles for each human being present. It may seem too simple, but even flinging an object to make noise can make the difference between being detected or not, especially in the early hours of play

Choose the Skills Wisely
As in the first game, as players find runes and amulets, players will have more options to deal with the situations and enemies around you. If players want to be more stealthy and cause few deaths, devote your runes to less offensive abilities, or distracting effects to your enemies. Emily, in particular, has several powers in this style in "Dishonored 2," including Enchantment, which makes her invisible to people affected, and Dark Appearance, which makes her a creature able to go unnoticed more easily. Crow also has some special abilities in this sense, including Possession and Temporal Distortion.

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