A Former PlayStation Exclusive Will Now Be Available On Other Gaming Platform! Find Out Here!

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Dec 15, 2016 08:32 AM EST

"Rime", which was a former PlayStation exclusive, will now be released on all major gaming platforms such as Xbox One, PC, and even Nintendo Switch.Sony originally had the exclusive rights for "Rime" and even snapped up to publish it. But both the indie studio Tequila Works and Sony had to part ways, and Sony, later on, returned its property rights to its developer, IGN reported.

Tequila Works announced that it had acquired its rights to "Rime" from Sony in March 2016 and are now working with both Six Foot and Grey Box to develop the game by next 2017. Although little has been disclosed about the development of Rime since its official release during the Gamescon 2013 at Sony's conference. It showed a third person, adventure type gameplay which drew its art comparisons with the games made by Team Ico and Journey developed by ThatGame Company. Rime's creative director, Raul Rubio also drew its inspirations from films such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Jason and the Argonauts.

"Rime" is a cel-shaded adventure game that follows the adventures of Rime, a young boy lost in the middle of a crumbling civilization surrounded by wild creatures. It involves puzzle solving, uncovering the world's great secrets, and even discovering the treasures of a once forgotten ancient civilization in an open world setting and uses the island environment itself. It also uses audio without any spoken narrative as well. The game was originally announced to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but its developers are now headed to other gaming platforms by next year, Eurogamer reported.

Several fans are quite excited about the changes that will happen and are looking forward to its release. Although Tequila Works still hasn't released any official statement about it, "Rime" is scheduled to be released by the year 2017.

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