'The Last of Us Part II' Release Date, News & Update: More of Ellie Expected from Sequel; Features, Gameplay & More Details

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 15, 2016 09:19 AM EST

"The Last of Us Part II" inevitably garnered such attention since its announcement to during the PlayStation Experience 2016 event. However, any additional details expected from it were denied and until now, gamers can only speculate on what will happen to the said sequel.

So far, the trailer was said to be quite lacking on giving fans the much-needed information they crave for, but despite such conditions, fans declare that they are pleased with the announcement. As for the story, "The Last of Us Part II" is still considerably an open book to call.

Recent reports stated that "The Last of Us Part II" will most likely follow the same story of Ellie and Joel as done with the first-though the trailer depicts some different factors as well. It was a noticeable change that Ellie has grown quite older compared to the predecessor, as well as her newly introduced aggressiveness. In the trailer, it was seen that the house Ellie was seen playing a guitar with was littered with the corpses of people she allegedly killed.

Further insinuations state that "The Last of Us Part II" will have fans dealing more of Ellie's story than Joel this time, as a new part of her may be revealed further on. Story-wise, rumors claim that she might be pregnant, though such is to be clarified in the near future. Release dates are still not something Naughty Dog has discussed thus far, but clues from the company said that they are at the earliest phase of it.

It can be recalled that the first game was made a PlayStation exclusive, and for this particular sequel, it is said that it will work quite the same. "The Last of Us Part II" is treated as one of the most awaited continuities to a franchise that Naughty Dog has made immensely popular, and up until its announcement, players were not at all given that much clarity on the matter. What do you think of Naughty Dog's long overdue sequel finally stepping forth?

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