Max: The Curse of Brotherhood From Press Play – Differences Between Xbox One and 360 Versions

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jan 13, 2014 08:18 AM EST

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is Press Play’s newest 2.5D side-scrolling title that has been developed exclusively for the Xbox label. The game is basically a reimagining of Press Play's previous work from 2010, Max and the Magic Marker, and features cartoon-styled graphics alongside an upbeat soundtrack in the background. While the game has already arrived for the new Xbox One as a launch title, the game is yet to be released for the Xbox 360. And Press Play studio director Mikkel Thorsted was recently in an interview with Gamingbolt to discuss the same and if we are to see any kind of changes made to the title for the 360, compared to the version that we are currently seeing on the One.

When asked about the key differences (if any) between the title for One and the one’s that supposed to come on the 360, and if there will be considerable changes made to the in-game visuals and gameplay, Thorsted stated: “This summer we decided to bring Max to Xbox One. We went back and worked hard on enhancing everything in the game from controls and animations to graphics and performance.”

“We even added some extra puzzles and did a lot of overall polishing. Basically we did what we could to take advantage of the extra horse powers we got with the upscaling of the project to Xbox One.”

“We are right now working on finishing the Xbox 360 version of Max, which will be released early 2014, and we want a lot of the improvements from the Xbox One to spill back into the 360. Xbox 360 is a very important platform for us and we want this version of Max to be as good as possible,” he added.

“So hopefully the two games will feel and play the same. But of course Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for Xbox One will benefit a lot from running in full HD and playing 60 fps.”

Additionally, when asked whether the game intends to make use of Xbox One’s features such as Kinect and SmartGlass in order to broaden the overall gameplay experience, Thorsted stated that although the company is not using either Kinect or SmartGlass to expand on the gameplay, it is still pretty happy with the controller-only support the game currently supports.

“It is a control scheme we have worked hard on testing and tweaking to provide a smooth gameplay experience when controlling Max and the Marker. But who is to say what will happen in the future. In many ways we think that Kinect shows a lot of potential and it is something that could be interesting to look into,” he added.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is currently scheduled to arrive on the Xbox 360 in 2014.

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