'Diablo 4' vs 'Diablo 3' Release Date, Features and Updates: Next Diablo Game Releasing in 2017; What We Know So Far

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 15, 2016 08:12 PM EST

Video gaming fans waited for the release of "Diablo 4" this year but all got frustrated when it did not come out. Now, players are thinking that the the next installment's release could be pushed to 2017.

'Diablo 3's' foundation

With no concrete details yet on what to expect for "Diablo 4," players of the game are anticipating that it will get its solid foundation from "Diablo 3" including the sound effects, visuals and even combat styles for the game. Since "Diablo 3," looked much like a throwback of the original game, it could be possible that "Diablo 4" will also capitalize on this strength of the game.

"Diablo 3" senior producer Julia Humphreys explained that they had to design the characters in the current game similar to their first offering. "There was so much raw content to build off to bring Diablo 1 over, it made sense to do it," she added.

Fans of the game series claim that "Diablo 3" could be one of the best that Blizzard has offered because of the complete gaming experience it offers to players. Also, new content is also added for every patch release for the game.

When is 'Diablo 4' releasing?

Because of the success of "Diablo 3," many were given renewed hope that "Diablo 4" is coming. However, it was indicated that it could also take a few years for Blizzard to develop the next installment for the series.

Though many are hoping that "Diablo 4" be released next year, some are estimating that the game developer will take its time to come up with something that will be better and more fit for the fans of the franchise. Next year will mark the fifth year since "Diablo 3's" release and half a decade could already be ample time for Blizzard to launch "Diablo 4."

Nothing is definite yet but rumors have indicated that next year could be the target for "Diablo 4." What do you expect for the next Diablo installment?

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