Yakuza: Ishin for PS3, PS4 Will Let You Visit Brothels, Partake in Drinking Games

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jan 13, 2014 09:19 AM EST

Sega’s upcoming feudal era spin-off of the Japanese gangster series called Yakuza: Ishin has a few hidden treats for fans under its sleeves. Apparently, the game will allow you to experience a haunted house, partake in drinking games and (interestingly enough) will let you visit brothels.

Recently, Sega detailed the number of pastimes fans will partake in on the official Yakuza: Ishin site (translated later by Gematsu), with the list also stating that players will be rewarded with a “sexy scene” when they visit the brothel. Excited yet?

Even though the game is set some time before karaoke parlors became more mainstream, the game will still contain the singing mini-game, with the only difference here being that players will have to dish out Utoge tracks of the old.

“The series’ popular karaoke play spot will appear in Yakuza: Ishin as an Utagoe Bar. By pushing buttons to the rhythm, players can stir up bar-goers,” Gematsu states.

“It’s the same humorous interjection and singing scenes of extreme intensity expressed in the series’ karaoke up until now. Starting with Okita, players will be able to sing together with characters they become acquainted with during the game.”

And while that is such a treat, if you are in mood for some adult entertainment, you will have the option to visit a Japanese Ageya (brothel) in the Kyoto red light district where you can share a drink (and, apparently, a lot more) with a prostitute called Anna.

There you can also partake in a variety of games and if you play well enough, you shall be rewarded with a sexy scene. There are three mini drinking games that you can play. These are as follows:

“Drinking Contest - Compete in a contest of who can drink the most alcohol. Prevent your liquor from spilling and drink up. Get Anna drunk and make her give up to attain victory.

Rock-Paper-Scissors - A rock-paper-scissors showdown where the loser strips down. Repeatedly win and Anna will undress, steadily increasing the game’s sexiness. But lose, and it’s Ryoma who will have to undress.

Looking Out for Anna - A shooting game where players must care for Anna and destroy the source of her drunkenness. Skillfully fend off the causes of her intoxication, called ‘Buzzkill Blocks,’ to be rewarded with a sexy scene.”

While Sega’s Yakuza: Ishin is currently set for a PlayStation 4 launch when the PS4 releases in Japan on February 22, 2014, it’s still unclear if and when SEGA will bring the game in the west. However, the PlayStation 3 launch for the game will occur on the same day as that of the PS4 launch of the game.

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