Gaming Computer Rules, News & Update: Things to Consider When Shopping for Gaming Rig - Part 1

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:12 PM EST

Shopping for a gaming computer is a challenging task that needs several criteria met or lest the gamer suffers consequences - sometimes too steep. While the determining factor for the best gaming computer is the kind of performance it can unleash from under its hood, some gamers are simply misled. So here we enumerate some of the common mistakes that gamers commit in buying their dream gaming computer.

Top of the list is the tendency to buy a gaming computer that is flashy and futuristic-looking, replete with fancy LED and flashing lights. Not that flashy gaming computers aren't good but remember to peek what's inside. Even a bare gaming rig can easily outperform a flashy case given that it has the right hardware, said a comment on Steam about LEDs. After all, an extra cent spent on nice case can be saved for other necessary hardware.

Hare is another criterion to consider: how many drive bays and extra SATA cables are there? Modern AAA category games can easily eat up 20GB of space so HDD size in gaming computers is essential. Those extras will come in handy in the future if the gamer decides to install additional drives. Remember the ethos - game size will get bigger and bigger as game quality expands.

It might be an overkill but a 7200 rpm HDD with at least 1TB size is a nice thing to consider. How about a 10TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro? This monster sports lightning fast file transfer of 6GB/second but at a steep price. Just a nice idea to toy with when aiming for gaming computer.

Thinking of SATA II drives and a motherboard that supports it is a nice idea. But remember that upgrade cycle in gaming PC are much faster compared to consoles so remember that SATA III already superseded the former. Bluntly put, plan ahead and look deep into the future when buying a gaming computer. Anticipate the possible changes and upgrades that might come in few months.

These are just three of things to consider when aiming for topnotch gaming computer. In fact, we have more and you can follow them in the second part of our guide. Stay tuned.

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