Acer Predator 15 Features, Specs, Latest News & Update: Powered Up Model Knows No Limits; The Ultimate Gaming Laptop?

Acer Predator 15 Features, Specs, Latest News & Update: Powered Up Model Knows No Limits; The Ultimate Gaming Laptop?

Acer Predator 15 is not the typical notebook as it rises up to meet the challenges and performs outstandingly even in the toughest games.

by CJ Estimada

Complete Gaming PC Setup Under $700!

PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News & Update: Building a PC Gaming Rig Powerful Enough to Mimic PS4 Pro

Now that there are plenty of information and details about PlayStation 4 Pro already, there is a good thought about what will happen if we build a PC that will sport the same specs.

by Regin Olimberio

The War Within - Highlights

'Warframe' Gameplay, Latest News & Update: 'The War Within' Update Now Live; New Armor & Weaponry

A comprehensive summary to one of the most awaited update to Digital Extremes' famous online third person Shooter, Warframe.

by Ceage Sotto

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

After Chatrooms, Facebook Is All Set To Introduce Its Gameroom; FB Tries To Make It Up For Its Mobile Gaming To iOS, Android

Facebook is ready to implement what it promised since sometimes back. It will come with a Gameroom very soon for gamers.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

'Battlefield 1' Latest News & Update: EA Restores Myanmar's Access To Origin After Abrupt Ban In September

Electronic Arts is now working to restore access to Origin in Myanmar. "Battlefield 1" players in Myanmar will be able to play soon after being abruptly blocked from the portal.

by LJ Joseph

PES 2017 | Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison

PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News & Update: Head to Head Comparison with PC Gaming Rig; Can Sony Keep Up?

PlayStation 4 Pro sets new barometer on console gaming that results to fans having lofty expectations that Sony can go head to head against PC. Admittedly, PC games remain on steady foot due to flexibility and increasing hardware demands of current titles.

by Regin Olimberio


EA reveals Origin Access, $4.99 monthly subscription for 15 PC games

Ea reveals Origin Access, allowing users to access The Vault, in which they can take advantage of 15 free games.

by Arnel Ollete

EREBOS Extension Laser Gaming Mouse

Strapped For Cash But Need A New Mouse? Gamdias Has You Covered With Cheaper Peripherals

It's no secret that gaming gear can get pretty costly. The team over at Gamdias, however, are looking to ease the pressure on PC gamers' wallets with a new line of budget-conscious PC gaming hardware still fit for hardcore eSports action.

by Connor Sears

Area-51 Gaming Desktop

Alienware's New Gaming Desktop Is Too Powerful For Its Own Good, So It's Perfect For The Hardest-Cored Gamers

Alienware announced its newest version of the Area-51 series of gaming desktops with enough raw power to keep PC gamers on the high end of performance for years to come.

by Connor Sears

One Must Fall

Cult PC gaming series that should get next-gen makeovers

The PC has more classic gaming series that don't rely solely on FPS and RTS. It’s time to bring these series back to the forefront.

by Ural Garrett

Alienware X51

Next-gen consoles looking more like PCs, says Alienware

Gaming PC provider mentions the link between Sony and Microsoft's upcoming consoles and higher-end PCs.

by Ural Garrett


Teenager Arrested For Hacking Friend's Computer And Giving Away Her RuneScape Virtual Gold Coins

Young man nabbed by cops after giving away virtual currency. Was his arrest just?

by Mike Andronico

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