'Dishonored 2: New Game Plus' Release Date, News & Update: Unimaginable Power Combo From Emily & Corvo; Runes From Previous Games To Have More Power!

By Andrea Lou , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:43 PM EST

The "Dishonored 2:" New Game Plus mode is now available on Steam in Beta. The first of the Two-Part game update that Arkane Studios has been mapping out will finally be available for all platforms on Dec. 19, 2016. Bug fixes and Interface improvement are part of the update but the most exciting feature of "Dishonored 2's" New Game Plus is the new mode that allows the player to mix-and-match Emily and Corvo's power.

"If you've ever wanted to make high-powered characters, now's your chance," Creative Director of "Dishonored 2" New Game Plus said in a statement. He also shared that developers in Arkane Studios are enjoying the new power upgrade and he hopes the players will also have fun with this new game mode.

This new mode is unlocked after completing "Dishonored 2" using either the Emily or Corvo basic characters. The "Dishonored 2" New Game Plus mode starts by creating a new Emily or Corvo character but this time all the power suite of both characters are accessible to the player. Runes and Bonecharm Traits previously collected can be reassigned to formulate a stronger power combination.

The new features of "Dishonored 2" New Game Plan also include the New Game Plus Mode. A new Quick-Access Wheel will also be available to show or hide items and weapons. The false-kill count in Royal Conservatory, the Bone Charm Effects, and the slow motion inputs were fixed. Running locomotion for the characters are also improved. More general adjustments were also done on performance and optimization, game logistics and user interface issues.

The second game update of "Dishonored 2," which is scheduled for a January 2017 release, will include the Mission Select and Custom Difficulty Settings. As the name suggest, the Mission Select would allow the player to directly chose what mission he wants to participate in. The Custom Difficulty Setting will give the user more freedom to modify the level of challenges the player will encounter in the game.


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