Evolve From Turtle Rock Reveals Hunter Markov Character

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jan 16, 2014 12:29 PM EST

Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming 4v1 title Evolve is a unique offering in a industry that, at the moment, is majorly overrun with a number of multiplayer and online titles that have gained momentum over single-player titles. Now it seems there’s more information to follow up on the game with the company deciding to shed more light on the in-game characters – one at a time.

Revealed via game Informer, the game will look to introduce fans to several in-game characters with every passing article related to the same. This week, the team is focusing on the in-game hunters called Markov of the Assault class.

“I like to think of them as planet tamers,” Phil Robb, one of the heads of Turtle Rock Studios, told Game Informer. “They show up on these planets, and they sort of help colonists make these places livable.”

“That’s the reason they have harpoon guns, tranq darts – they’re here to handle the local wildlife,” another studio head, Chris Ashton stated.

“That’s sort of their shtick. So they get here, and they’re faced with this much bigger problem,” Robb further added. “It’s a little more than they were expecting. These monsters, they’re not native to Shear, either, so the hunters suddenly find themselves, ‘Wow, we’re kind of in over our heads here.’ It becomes this sort of battle for survival.”

Heading back to the character in hand, Markov is a member of the Assault class and his job is to inflict as much damage as possible. Markov comes with a large health at its disposal with tendencies to take as much beating as it inflicts.

“On the offensive side, he’s armed with two large weapons. His lightning gun is a powerful piece of equipment that sends crackling blasts of destruction at close range. For enemies outside of that weapon’s grasp, he also packs an assault rifle,” the report states.

However, that doesn’t mean Markov is all brawns. Apparently, players can make use of his arc mines “as a strategic way to herd the monster into position or to close off routes,” with these electric charges detonating on enemy contact.” And while there’s no fear of a teammate tripping them, “they can take minor splash damage from them. If the monster triggers one, mines are also a great way to point out its position.”

Importantly though, every member of the assault class (and not just Markov) will be equipped with personal shields. “As you might imagine, these provide a brief respite from enemy damage. Learning how long they last and the optimal time to activate the shield may be what determines if your squad talks about you in the past or present tense.”

As of now, Evolve has been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a probable release date yet to be finalized.

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