Evolve From Turtle Rock Reveals Hunter Griffin character

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Jan 21, 2014 02:21 PM EST

Evolve, as everyone knows by now, is Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming 4v1 multiplayer shooter title. And off late, the company has been shedding more and more light on the in-game characters and classes with more information arriving now for hunter from Trapper class, called Griffin.

Similar to the reveal of the pervious in-game hunters called Markov (of the Assault class); Game Informer has now revealed details about Griffin of the Trapper class.

As the Trapper class suggests, Griffin is always in the hunt with his overall hunting gear in tune with his ideologies that can judged “from his outback-inspired hat down to his jungle-ready boots.” And as expected from a Trapper, Griffin’s job is to hunt down and contain the monster.

“His harpoon gun is the biggest thing setting him apart from his squadmates. It fires a missile that attaches to Griffin via an energy current. Once the monster is ensnared, the harpoon tethers the creature to Griffin, holding it within range and preventing it from escaping,” Game Informer states.

“As the monster, players can break the tether by attacking Griffin, but doing so requires shifting his or her focus away from the other hunters.”

Apart from that, Griffin is also armed with ‘sound spikes’ which can be used by stabbing into the ground. Moreover, once these spikes have been deployed, it will “provide all hunters with a visual indicator on their maps when the monster walks within their range.”

“Multiple spikes can be planted at any given time, giving players a choice: Do they cover one area comprehensively, or use them on known choke points to provide a rougher sense of the monster’s presence,” the report adds.

Apart from that, and like all trappers, Griffin has a mobile arena which creates a large, dome-shaped force field that prevents foe and friends alike from leaving the area.

“This is perhaps his most useful tool, and it’s one that can make or break a battle. See the monster trying to make his escape at his underpowered first stage? Trap him, enter the field, and take him on. Is the creature chasing your friends and you all need a second to catch your breath and regroup? Drop the mobile arena and use the time to escape,” the report adds.

However, it is to be noted that the monster can cancel out the mobile arena at any time “by incapacitating Griffin, making him a major target for a cornered beast.”

Evolve is currently planned for releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC, although we are yet to release a probable release date for the same.

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