Microsoft Updates: Cortana And Skype Changes For 2017

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 16, 2016 02:31 AM EST

Microsoft has revealed a couple of information that will affect their Skype platform and Cortana as well. The company from Redmond has been reportedly developing their virtual assistant to integrate with smart appliances in a smart home. They also have teased an update which allows Cortana to setup meetings for the user. They have also announced that their popular software is getting talking bots sometime in 2017.

Cortana is about to get busy as Microsoft gradually upgrades their software with their "" project. It is one of their latest attempts to further improve the personal virtual assistant with more features. Gadgets 360 reports that the project is a combination of different software from Microsoft Research, Cortana, Microsoft Outlook and Genee. The latter is an AI that handles scheduling, which was acquired by the company last August. Additionally, Skype is also getting updates next year. They have confirmed that some of their partners will feature talking bots to enrich consumer interaction.

The upcoming update aims to enhance how users schedule meetings with their people. Cortana will need information about the length of the meeting, the scheduled time and the location. A representative from their team explains that after sending the email, "Cortana looks at your calendar" in order to identify the time when the user is available for that particular day. The virtual assistant will then contact the invitees "to propose times," it will handle the all communication with them and even "follows up with attendees if they don't respond within 48 hours." Microsoft's update to Skype focuses on the consumers communicating with some of its partners like

The bots will reportedly send "rich media cards, adding the capability to bring video, audio and GIFs into chat conversations." The Skype team also emphasized that the new features will allow "more engaging experiences" for their users. The team also expressed their excitement for 2017 and what it means for their software. Hopefully users can expect a future update where Cortana is also integrated with Skype.

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