Macbook Pro Touch Bar Tweaks And Fun

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:08 AM EST

The new Macbook Pro has surprised some veteran users with the absence of its function keys. It showcases a couple of new features like the Touch Bar and its Touch ID. The laptop's Touch Bar changes depending on the app a user has open, it also add another level of interaction for people mess around with.

Developers have already created different ways to integrate different functions on the Macbook Pro's Touch Bar. However, Mashable shares some apps that apparently aim to improve your productivity, while some of them just explore different ways to play with the new feature.

KnightTouchBar 2000

Fans of the TV show "Knight Rider" are going to get some of Kitt on their Macbook Pro's Touch Bar. The app copies the pulsing light on the Pontiac Trans Am, then also plays the show's soundtrack for that extra level of immersion. The soundtrack can reportedly be turned off once it starts to get annoying. The app can be grabbed from GitHub here.

Pac-Man PacBar

This app turns the Touch Bar on your Macbook pro into Namco's iconic Pac-Man arcade game. Players can use the arrow keys to move around and run away from the ghosts. This nostalgic app also features the original game's sound effects and music. It can be downloaded for free here.


The app allows users to hit command plus tilde, which then activates an app launcher on the Touch Bar. It allows users to launch any app as long as it is included on the Launch Bar. Users can visit this link to get the app on their Macbook Pro.

Touch Bar Piano

Presumably made for Macbook Pro users who love to make music, the program applies computer-generated piano keys on the Touch Bar. It also emulates 128 different sounds from several instruments. The app is developed by Graham Parks and can be installed from here.

Nyan Cat

The internet's lovable Nyan Cat can now fly across the Macbook Pro's Touch Bar. Users can download the app for the famous meme here.

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