‘The Simpsons’ Season 28 Premiere, Spoilers, News & Update: Taraji B. Henson, Snoop Dogg, Keegan-Michael Key Appear In Show’s First Hour-long Episode

By Kaye Reese , Updated Dec 16, 2016 08:15 AM EST

It's impressive that everyone's favorite family from Springfield got to "The Simpsons" Season 28. Not many television shows survive that long, nor gain the same cultlike status that has made it immortal among many fans. Given its long, long run, many fans think that the show is winding down, but showrunner Matt Groening promises several tricks up the show's sleeves.

'The Simpsons' Season 28 to feature first hourlong episode ever

For one, "The Simpsons" Season 28 will be featuring its first hourlong episode after decades of being on air. Titled "The Great Phatsby," the episode is a clear homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald's popular novel, "The Great Gatsby." Reports said that Several B-list celebrities are slated to appear on this historic hourlong episode, including the rapper Snoop Dogg, Taraji B. Henson (of "Empire) and Keegan Michael Key (of "Key and Peele.")

This is the first time "The Simpsons" will be doing such an episode, a show which usually runs from 20 to 24 minutes at average. Al Jean, executive producer for "The Simpsons" Season 28, said the hardest part of creating this hourlong special was coming up with a story that's captivating enough to run an entire hour and doing justice to its most loyal fans.

Other prominent celebrities

Other prominent celebrities include RZA and Common. These veteran cast will be featuring Mr. Buns as he takes revenge on Jay G (a play on the rapper Jay Z, now the husband of pop superstar Beyonce). Entertainment Weekly reported that the episode represented different moods and aspects of hiphop, and will even feature--a hilarious goose! "The Simpsons" Season 28 two-part episode is slated to air on January 2017. It will also be narrated by Homer instead of Nick Carroway, and will take place at Burns' summer mansion in the Springfield Hamptons, EW reported.

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