Amidst Customer Complaints, Apple Removes “Time Remaining” Notifications As It Releases New Updates in The MacOS

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 16, 2016 10:53 AM EST

Amidst a flurry of complaints from customers regarding battery life of the new MacBook Pro PC, Apple announced Tuesday that it is removing the "time remaining" battery estimates from the MacOS. Most users have complained that Apple is hiding the incorrect figure. The company is hoping that this move will eventually address concern among users.

The problem stemmed from complaints from users that the estimated battery life is lower than what was claimed on Apple's website. According to Apple, the battery performance of the Mac Book is around 10 hours of constant usage. However, most customers complained that they are not actually getting that amount of juice. The issue stems from the time estimates fluctuating wildly on Apple's newest laptops.

To remedy the situation, Apple released last Tuesday the latest update of the macOS Sierra- 10.12.2. Rather than clicking on the battery icon in the status bar to see how much battery life is remaining, users will now only see the percentage of battery life left.

While Apple does not attribute the problem to hardware flaw, the company decided to remove the feature to avoid confusion. It is believed that Apple ditched the "time remaining" notification because users might be relying on it to get accurate readings. Estimate of battery life can change rapidly depending on how the hardware is being used. Aside from that, readings can drop by several minutes or even hours if a heavy application was launched after a long period of inactivity.

The update, according to Apple, will enhance the stability, compatibility, and performance of Mac computers. Aside from battery life, the new update will also come with a fix for a nasty graphics bug that causes devices to have flickering displays.

The change also has its share of criticisms. Some users agree on the inaccuracy of readings but it helps them identify major changes in energy use. Competitors such as Windows 10 and Linux still have the "run time" estimates feature.

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