‘Yuri!!! on Ice’ Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, New & Update: Second Season a Done Deal? Yuri to Fail in Episode 12?

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Dec 16, 2016 09:02 AM EST

"Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2 is expected to arrive in 2017, and fans are pretty excited to know more about what the anime show will offer once it becomes available. The current installment is expected to have 12 episodes; however, reports of another season have already hit the rumor mill. There are speculations suggesting that the production of "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2 might start anytime soon.

The report came after an interview with Mitsurō Kubo, the original writer of the anime, who expresses her desire to create a second installment. With the recent popularity of the show, there is no question that the production team will develop "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2.

What's interesting about the idea of "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2 is its unpredictability. Unlike most popular anime series, "Yuri!!! on Ice" is an original creation and did not come from a manga or light novel origin. As of the moment, it's a mystery to everyone as to what the storyline would be for "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2. However, several industry observers are saying that the sophomore run of the show will most likely pick up where it left off.

Kubo also said that she will be focusing on "Yuri!!! on Ice" as the show is getting more popular amongst anime fans. Although it has yet to be confirmed, "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2 should definitely be a done deal.

"I have a lot of plans in the works with the director next year... including the wish to create a sequel. So I'm doing my best and working hard for that reason." Kubo revealed in an interview. Apparently, "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2 will feature more exciting matches to give fans more reasons to follow the show.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Yuri fans might get disappointed before the end of the first season because he would not become a champion in the Grand Prix. There are speculations that Yuri will try to do everything that he can by attempting dangerous stunts to get the best score in "Yuri!!! on Ice" episode 12

Do you think Yuri would become a champion before "Yuri!!! on Ice" Season 2 starts? Sound off in the comment section below.

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