'Frozen 2' Spoilers, News & Update: What Happened to the Former Queen of Arendelle? Elsa's Mom to Return a Villain; Plot, Predictions

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 16, 2016 12:40 PM EST

The King of Arendelle may return for "Frozen 2." However, fans are now curious where the former Queen was all this time. Recent reports suggest that the couple was separated at sea but the Queen will have her own time of return in the sequel.

What Could Have Happened to Queen Iduna?

Recent "Frozen 2" spoilers suggest that the Queen may have been separated from the King when the ship they were on sunk during a storm. She did survive through she allegedly lost her memories. She will then return to Arendelle shortly after Queen Elsa and Princess Anna have welcomed their long-lost father.

The Former Queen Returns to Bring Chaos

However, fans may not be so happy with the huge twist. "Frozen 2" spoilers indicate that Queen Iduna will make her comeback not as the sweet and doting mother Elsa and Anna knew. Instead, she will shock everyone with villainy.

Two Queens Battle for the Throne?

It is further speculated that Queen Iduna will raise chaos in town, tearing the kingdom apart. She will initiate a coup against new Queen Elsa and will try to take the throne. Other "Frozen 2" spoilers also imply that the townspeople will take sides and Queen Elsa will lose the support of her own people.

King Agnarr Takes His Pick

It is believed that King Agnarr will have to take a side as well. Some "Frozen 2" spoilers suggest that he will take Queen Elsa's side and this will lead to the latter's victory in the end.

Meanwhile, it is speculated that the "Frozen 2" release date will not be announced anymore. An earlier report by Game N' Guide says the highly anticipated sequel may be canceled. The issue allegedly stems from financial restraints and some problems in production.

Kristen Bell said earlier this year that she thought production was going to kick off but unfortunately, no progress has been made for "Frozen 2" yet. Rumor has it that one of the problems is a replacement for Idina Menzel. The theater star is currently busy preparing for her upcoming wedding and may no longer be part of "Frozen 2."

Disney has not yet responded to the cancellation rumors revolving around "Frozen 2." Stay tuned for more updates, spoilers, and news!

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