‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 71 Where To Watch Online With English Subtitles, Spoilers: Hit vs. Goku

By Maz T , Updated Dec 16, 2016 11:14 AM EST

Son Goku's worst nightmare is coming as somebody has enlisted the mightiest of hit men to come to Universe 7. Hit is arriving to assassinate Goku. Watch "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 online with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, AnimeLab and FUNimation.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

What Happens in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71?

The episode is titled "Death to Goku! A Hit-Job That Can't Be Refused" and it will not be new arc but a short two-part series before the anime takes a new route in 2017.

"The strongest assassin returns!

The method of killing is super explosive!!

At someone's request, the strongest assassin in the universe mobilizes!! The target is somehow our very own Son Goku!! Will Goku be able to uncover the true identity of the assassin, and can he be triumphant against them?! Don't miss out on this heart-pounding, exciting development!!" reads one of the previews (translated by YonkouProd).

According to the synopsis released by V-Jump, Goku is in big trouble in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode. The strongest assassin has been asked by someone to head to Universe 7 to kill Son Goku. Can Goku handle Hit's no-holds-barred assassination techniques?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71 is stated to be the first part in this Hit vs. Goku series.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 72 Bonus Preview

"Hit goes all-out to battle Goku again!

Goku dies after his heart takes a direct strike from the assassin Hit's invisible shock wave. But he manages to return to life after receiving a shock from a ki blast he fired immediately before dying. Now Goku's counterattack begins!

Who hired Hit?!

Vados was the one who hired Hit to kill Goku. But it seems she was merely acting as a representative for Hit's true client. Who could that be?!

Goku has seen through Hit's technique! What strategy will he use to counter it?!" reads the Jump Preview via Herms98.

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