iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date, Latest News & Update: Pangu, Lucas Todesco Quitting On Apple Crack Rollout, Admit Task Unfeasible

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 17, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Following the release of iOS 10.2 from Apple’s end, the wait for the iOS 10 jailbreak continues. But is there really one coming or is everyone banking on false hopes.

Despite loopholes in security, the fact that hackers are unable to exploit and use these to their advantage is a big mystery. Apple may have done just enough to ward off ambitious iOS 10 jailbreaks, not to mention technically paying off the talented hackers through their Apple Bounty Program.

Lucas Todesco, an individual hacker who has gained prominence with his hacking efforts via YouTube, tweeted that Apple may have successfully covered all bases. It suggested that coming up with an iOS 10 jailbreak is nearly impossible, per reports.

For the Apple Jailbreaking Community, hearing this from credible groups like Pangu would be more convincing. The Chinese hacking group is under close watch though their continued silence leaves a lot to be desired for an iOS 10 jailbreak to come out in the open.

At the moment, many are still holding on to the possibility of seeing an iOS 10 jailbreak in the coming weeks. It was believed that Pangu would come out with one once iOS 10.2 is out, ZDNet reported. Could it be déjà vu to that MOSET 2016 showcase?

There are circulating rumors that Pangu may have just quite the iOS jailbreaking game. Seeing that their last one was for iOS 9.3.3, there is fair reason to believe so. If December ends with no iOS 10 jailbreak to show, that could be the sign most will dread.

Hence, it justifies the dish of an earlier post hinting that Apple may have truly covered all bases. It could be a dark day for the Apple Jailbreaking Community meaning a new power in the iOS jailbreaking game may be needed. Will it be an individual or a group of hackers pegged to continue efforts to provide the jailbreaking community with a working crack?

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