iOS 10.2 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Has Apple Covered All The Bases? Seventh Beta Pushes Next OS On The Brink

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 12, 2016 05:59 AM EST

iOS 10.2 is now in its seventh beta, more than likely indicating an imminent release. Apple apparently has a lot of ground to address, particularly in the area of compatibility, performance and security.

Looking over the list of features that iOS 10.2 beta carries, most have been about enhancements than fixes. That includes new wallpapers, new emoji, widgets and a TV app. It also includes a ‘preserve camera’ setting which should aid Apple device owners who want to keep previous camera settings, 9 to 5 Mac reported.

Aside from that, there are the compatibility and performance problems Apple needs to address. Many are under the impression that a fix is holed up somewhere on iOS 10.2 though all that remains to be seen once the final version is released.

A popular issue to date is the celebrated battery drain plaguing the iPhone 6s. Some owners are reportedly experiencing device shutdowns once batteries hit 30-percent, something covered in detail in a previous post.

The culprit of it all is being blamed on iOS 10.1.1, an issue reportedly plaguing other phones as well, ZDNet reported. Apple did admit that this was a feature they had purposely injected though with some discrepancies. This includes phone shutdown when batteries reach 40-percent and something that only happens in extremely cold conditions.

There are also Bluetooth audio issues and security problems which have since plagued iOS 10. In all, Apple has a lot of ground to cover, making iOS 10.2 a crucial version for the Apple community.

There is no actual date of release for iOS 10.2 with the beta versions more or less providing a glimpse of things to come. The seventh beta for iOS 10.2 could still come out with some problems for the ones under the Apple Beta Software Program. Hopefully, all this will stabilize once the time for iOS 10.2 is officially deployed.

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