Xbox One Latest News & Update: Microsoft Turbocharges Xbox One Download Speeds; Two of The Most Popular Classic JRPG’s Are Now Available For Free

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 16, 2016 07:21 PM EST

Microsoft is looking to turbocharge Xbox One downloads. In the latest OS update, the company is claiming that it has increased download speeds to 80 percent.

According to Engadget, users that have a 100Mpbs internet connection can enjoy the boost. Other Xbox One owners that have lesser internet speeds can still gain a 40 percent increase.

However, Microsoft warns users that exact figures will depend on your actual home configuration and ISP. Downloads speeds will also slow if you're playing a game. The console prioritizes game processing over background activity.

Microsoft's announcement is a timely development for many gamers. If you're looking to download additional GTA V content, the added speeds will be beneficial. To grab Microsoft's new update, head to Settings on the console. Select "Console info & updates" from the System menu and everything is good to go.

New Speeds Will Be Beneficial For Gamers To Download Popular Classic JRPG Titles

In other news, Microsoft is turning back the clock. The tech giant has finally worked out releasing two of Xbox 360's popular JRPG titles.

"Lost Odyssey" and "Blue Dragon" are now available as downloadable titles on Xbox One. And the best part is: they are free. Gamers were only able to play the JRPG through an available Xbox 360 disc before. But you'll have to hurry, the free downloads are only available until December 31.

Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon Are Popular JRPGs For The Xbox 360

For those who do not know why gamers are clamoring for these downloads, here's a quick intro. "Lost Odyssey" is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and Feelplus. It was first available for Xbox 360 in 2008 and it reminds gamers of what classic RPG's are all about. The game has a turn-based battle system that occurs in a random sequence. It also included a world map, which players have to navigate to complete various quests.

It was well-received in a broad audience of gamers. Famitsu even gave the game a 36/40 score. GameSpot also gave good praise for the "Lost Odyssey". The game had a fascinating cast, a great plot, and a solid combat system.

"Blue Dragon" is also a solid JRPG, with legendary creator Hironobu Sakaguchi designing the game. The latter is famous for the "Final Fantasy" series. "Blue Dragon" has a traditional RPG feel to it. It was also praised for the same elements that the "Lost Odyssey" had. it gave gamers a nostalgic trip to classic games such as "Final Fantasy 7" and "Final Fantasy 8".

According to IGN, Microsoft was able to find a solution that allows the games to be available online. Both of these JRPG's are the work of Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker Studios. It's truly a rare sight to have both on the Xbox 360 and most of all, available for free.

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