Jeremy Lin Latest News and NBA 2016 Match Updates: Brooklyn Nets Star Continues to Improve; Will His Restrictions Soon be Eased?

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 19, 2016 06:30 AM EST

Jeremy Lin is definitely back and slowly returning to his form after suffering a hamstring injury. The Brooklyn Nets Star is again contributing double digits to his team.

Jeremy Lin stats

On Sunday, Jeremy Lin scored 16 points, four assists, two rebounds and two steals in his 22-minute playing time versus the Philadelphia 76ers. Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson has not yet provided details on whether the Linsanity star's time on the field has been lengthened.

Though Lin did really well towards the last two quarters of the game, it was not enough to seal a win with the Nets just short by a point as the 76ers claimed a 108-107 victory. Jeremy Lin, however, was on fire as he made five straight points before the end of the third quarter.

Weighing things for Lin

He was pulled out during the start of the fourth quarter which gave the other team the opportunity to outshoot the Nets. "Tonight, it maybe didn't work out, but down the road, it will work out. We'll see when Jeremy is back full, we can get back to a more stable rotation," Atkinson explained.

The same scenario also happened in the earlier games after Jeremy Lin's return. It was as if victory was already at hand but since Lin only had a limited time on the court, it was hard for his teammates to keep the momentum.

Playing time and restrictions

Fans observed that he only plays a little more than 20 minutes during his past matches. Despite the restrictions, Lin has not failed to show that he is continuously improving and will soon be at his best shape for longer playing times.

This week, fans expect him to play in back-to-back games and help the Nets bag a victory. Lin will surely do his best to improve his stats and do better for his team.

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