'Stardew Valley' Latest News & Update: Eric Barone, Creator Of The Game Announrced Patches For The Game On PS4 & Xbox One Consoles

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 18, 2016 04:54 AM EST

"Stardew Valley" was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console for players who are waiting for it. Ever since the release of the game, numerous fans grew and extended its reach from its fan base.

However, players are encountering some crashes and bugs that destroys the progress they made in the game, which includes crashing of the game when players sleep for the day and the game is not in English. Due to this, the game's quality is affected. Thanks to Eric Barone always coming to the rescue, he announced that there will be a patch for those PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners.

Concerns, issues, and the patch for it

Eric Barone, the creator of "Stardew Valley" announced that the patches of the following issues are addressed and fixed right away. First, the current issue from above makes it really annoying because the progress and hard work of the player for the 3rd day are lost because of the crash. This is the problem for PS4 users. Second, for Xbox One users, Exit and Title buttons pressed triggers a freeze or crash including the GUI elements sliced off at the edges of the screen

The update with no specific date but on the next "few weeks"

Eric Barone immediately responded to the problems and issues from fans just like a superhero coming out to save the day. Now, he announced that the update will be there but in the next few weeks. As based on a post from Gamespot, the next few weeks seems long, but the sureness of the patch will solve current and existing problems, but with no specific date for its release yet.

Lastly, controls in "Stardew Valley" are always prioritized ever since the criticism it got from the release of it in PC. Control improvements are included in the upcoming patch that will come out in a few weeks.


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