Nintendo News & Updates: GameStop Rates N64 On Top Of Retro Console Hot List! Find Out More Here!

By Milton Letterman , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:35 PM EST

The 1990s hit Nintendo 64 ranked first in Gamestop's list of hottest retro consoles, based on its survey of PowerUp Rewards loyalty customers. Sitting in second place is the original Nintendo NES, currently reprised by the NES Classic Edition which, in itself, is proving to be a smash hit.

Known as the last home console to utilize cartridges for game storage, the Nintendo 64 was wildly popular at its heyday. The limited number of game titles the console supported throughout its lifespan - compared to rivals Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, included a number of critically-acclaimed titles such as "Super Mario 64" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time."

GameStop's survey came on the heels of its trade and sale of old games and hardware in all its brick-and-mortar stores across North America, which began last October as reported by Venture Beat. Earlier in July 2015, the US-based gaming retailer made retro gaming products available for sale on its online store.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition's upsurge in popularity, particularly in the US where 200,000 units of it were sold, has raised further interest towards retro games. It remains to be seen whether further reprisals of retro gaming systems would find their way in retailers' shelves soon. Nonetheless, GameStop's survey proves that the market may make sufficient room for more modern-day renditions of beloved classics.

To get an idea about the kinds of retro games that may take the form of future reprisals, here's GameStop's top 10 list retro consoles that are in demand right now:

1. Nintendo 64
2. NES (original)
3. Super NES
4. Sony PlayStation
5. Sega Genesis
6. Xbox
7. Sega Dreamcast
8. Sega Saturn
9. Game Boy
10. Game Boy Advance

Although GameStop's list is by no means conclusive and all-encompassing, it nonetheless provides gaming enthusiasts the idea that interest towards retro games isn't just a thing for hipsters. Also, the list serves as a helpful guide for retro game lovers looking to scourge for rare finds - may it be on online resellers, flea markets, or secondhand shops. Watch this video "64 Awesome Nintendo 64 Facts" from KMACK TIME below:

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