‘GTA Online’ Latest News & Update: ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Players Will Be Expecting Freebies For The Upcoming Holiday Update

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 17, 2016 08:23 PM EST

Rockstar is making things interesting with its newest updates for "Grand Theft Auto Online." In the new 1.36 version, the game features new and creative ways to earn cash in the state of San Andreas.

The newest "GTA Online" update includes free gifts and awards from the game's developers. Aside from new vehicles and other modes, players will be looking forward to the rewards. According to YouTuber iCrazyTeddy, the gifts will be an annual event to celebrate the holidays.

'GTA Online' Player Will Expect A Ton Of Freebies For The Latest Holiday Update

Players of "Grand Theft Auto Online" will expect snow and a ton of new freebies. Last year's free gifts and rewards included pajamas, masks of beasts and mythical creatures. 2015's holiday update also included new weapons that include a sticky bomb. The best part is, players will be able to engage in a 30-man snowball fight in a holiday style turf war.

The information from several sources last year did all come true. Considering the amount of players the "GTA Online" has. Rockstar will make sure to include a variety of pre-Christmas giveaways. Sources have also indicated the comeback of the popular fireworks launcher.

The game developers of "GTA Online" will also include a new game mode called "vehicle vendetta". There is still no official word on what the mode is all about, but several tipsters have said that it would be a PVP race.

Rockstar Is Silent on 'GTA Online's' Holiday DLC

So far Rockstar Games isn't confirming the contents of alleged holiday update. They have been silent about the issue, but they are also not denying the DLC's existence. Fans are hopeful that the new giveaways will happen sooner.

The new 1.36 version allows you to pile up "GTA Online" money. Players might have to find creative ways to earn cash since the new holiday DLC is not yet around. As of the moment there has been no official word from Rockstar North and Rockstar Games about it the DLC. Stay tuned for future updates.

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