‘Pokemon Go’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Niantic Following Up Christmas With Big New Year Event

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 18, 2016 06:27 PM EST

Niantic current offers the Christmas in-game event for “Pokemon Go” where the Santa Hat Pikachu is the star of the show. That goes along with the improved ‘nearby sightings’ and seven critters from egg-hatching have been keeping most busy at least until Dec. 29.

So what happens after that date? Does Niantic have another big in-game event planned to welcome 2017 with a bang?

Apparently, there are now floating reports that Niantic has one lined up for “Pokemon Go” though the actual date on when it will happen remains sketchy. It could be on Dec. 30 while others claim it starts on Dec. 31 – the last day of the year, Slash Gear reported.

As most know, the in-game events held for “Pokemon Go” have been one reason why the augmented reality game has been one of the top apps in App stores. But how will players know when the event or update happens?

A recent message from Niantic could back all this up, with the “Pokemon Go” developers dishing at a new update happening in the coming weeks. Further, the message included keeping a close watch on “Professor Willow” who could very well announce the next “Pokemon Go” in-game event.

Hence, there could be more “Pokemon Go” monsters debuting by then. With most disappointed of seeing only seven critters thus far, this should be good news for the hooked AR gamers. Hopefully, it will not follow the same route of having to use egg-hatching with most wanting to venture out and catch them in the wild.

While all that remains to be seen, it would be best for “Pokemon Go” players to focus on the task at hand, as mentioned in a previous post. That includes pinning down the elusive Santa Hat Pikachu and walking to hatch those KM eggs.

The seven critters are categorized in different KM eggs, likely an indication of their CP and use. Either way, it will be a busy Christmas season for “Pokemon Go” players as they see how good (or bad) these new critters are.

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