‘Overwatch’ 2017 DLC Release Date, News & Update: More Heroes, Features, New Maps Coming; Doomfist The Most Probable Next 2017 DLC Hero

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 18, 2016 09:02 AM EST

Following the release of the awesome hacker hero, Sombra in "Overwatch," fans are now looking forward to another hero that will be arriving in the game. Fortunately, Blizzard has been open about its plan for the game in the future. 

Games that are as popular as "Overwatch" are expected to receive more updates in the future to keep players enticed. Besides improvements in the game and some bugs and fixes, "Overwatch" is also expected to introduce a new hero in 2017's DLC. There are many possible characters that could make it to the game but Doomfist is believed as the most likely to be the next DLC hero.

Doomfist was teased during the cinematic trailer for "Overwatch." Doomfist is not just a single character, but it's a name given to many personas. There were first and second Doomfists, who were known as Savior and Scourge, respectively, PCGamesN reported. The third one, known as Successor, is believed to be the Doomfist version coming to the game as a 2017 DLC.

Whether or not Doomfist is the next DLC hero for "Overwatch" remains unclear but fans have reason to believe that he will be. As reported, the development team at Blizzard didn't intend to put Doomfist in the spotlight in the Numbani map but turned out to like the character following the cinematic reveal. If the character does become the next DLC hero, there is a big chance that Terry Crews could be voicing him.

Terry Crews himself stated that he likes to play as Doomfist and just this week, the actor visited Blizzard HQ, sparking rumors that he will indeed have a part in the next "Overwatch" DLC. However exciting this piece of news is, fans should still take it with a grain of salt. Blizzard should have some major announcement coming up, so fans can just continue waiting in anticipation.

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