Teaser From Gust About Its 20th Anniversary Of Atelier Series, Will It Reveal A New Game Aside From 'Atelier Firis'?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:20 AM EST

"Atelier Firis" released in Japan and will be releasing in the West in the PlayStation 4 console and on the PC on Spring 2017. The players that are submitting themselves based on each stories of the game will be hyped to get another one that will reveal another story that will be heart-warming and touching at the same time.

With the open world feature and adventure-fantasy theme infused into one, fans from the previous Atelier series will truly enjoy this game. Now, Gust, the creator of the game, released a teaser that may reveal another game in the making or just a celebration to commemorate the Atelier series throughout the years.

Nostalgia, tears were shed, and stories were told

The trailer for the 20th anniversary of the Atelier series really sets back from the roots and the beginning, from where it started, which is "Atelier Marie" for the PlayStation One console, the very first console of the PlayStation series released on 1997. The latest console for the latest Atelier series, in par, is the PlayStation 4, which will feature enhanced performance, graphics, environment, and atmosphere. In addition, "Atelier Firis" is one of the addition of the Atelier series throughout the twenty years of effort, hard work, and dedication.

A new game in the making?

The trailer or teaser that was released leads to plan hidden from us by Gust. Some fans might be thinking another game aside from "Atelier Firis," which will commemorate the event. It may be a combination of characters from the previous Atelier series such as Marie, the main character of the first game.

However, this is already done on other series such as Atelier Elkrone, which features numerous characters from other series such as Marie, Ellie, and many more. From the speculations and expectations from fans based on the teaser, this will be something that they will look forward to.

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