Toyota 2017 New Cars Latest News: Open To Start Selling Engine, Drivetrain Technology To Rivals; May Start With The New Camry

By CJ Estimada , Updated Dec 19, 2016 05:47 AM EST

Toyota prides itself on excellence, durability, reliability, safety, innovation, and sustainability. Now, it will be opening up hybrid technology to rivals its powertrain modules to include Dynamic Force engines, next gen transmissions, and other drivetrain components to other automakers. This was the announcement made at the launch last week; which will begin showing up in production vehicles from next year, probably beginning with the new Camry.

Toyota's Concept Of Sharing It's Technology To Competitors

"Toyota suppliers produce a good deal of technology which can only be used by Toyota. We want to change that to a method where we promote technology with our suppliers at an earlier phase so they can make that machinery accessible to non-Toyota clients," the president of Toyota's drivetrain division Toshiyuki Mizushima told Reuters 

The prospect of giving rivals access to "one-size-fits-all" powertrains comes as cars are progressively dependent on computerized components, making it easier to design similar parts across model ranges. the industry has moved on from competing largely on mechanical engineering If this change does transpire, there could be a number of benefits. Also, Toyota Motor Corporation supposes that it will speed up the industry's advancement with low emissions vehicles.

On Research And Development: A "Win-Win" For Toyota & Other Automakers

According to CarAdvice, the change would also expand economies of scale at a time when research and development costs are rising, with alternative energy, automobile mechanization and connectivity calling for automakers of all stripes to raise budgets. as global automakers contend to develop hybrid and all-electric cars, self-driving cars and cars linked to mobile technology.

Moreover, it would let Toyota's suppliers expand their customer base just as significantly. Toyota remains the world's largest car manufacturer by volume. "It could be a 'win-win' for Toyota and its competitors as Toyota could improve a new sales line, whereas consumers could acquire access to components which may be low-priced and of higher quality than the similar parts developed in-house," says a top executive at Carnorama.

Toyota is open to having its drivetrain technology and components sold to rivals. When this will start happening is uncertain.

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