LG Smartphone Latest News & Updates: South Korean Manufacturer Works With Apple, Google & Microsoft to Develop Foldable OLED Display Panels

By V Doctor , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:11 AM EST

LG is gearing towards launching foldable display panels in its next generation of smartphones with the aid of Apple, Google and Microsoft. Samsung seems to be the forerunner in launching the new technology, but LG and other competitors are allegedly working together to bring foldable OLED panels as well.

LG and Other Companies Working to Beat Samsung

GSMArena revealed that the LG Display subsidiary collaborated with Google, Apple and Microsoft to take on the project of creating foldable display panels. LG's smartphone division is reportedly also working on the innovative technology.

A few years ago, LG featured prototype units with foldable display panels, so it is expected to showcase actual units soon. The South Korean firm, however, will need to team up with other manufacturers. This is considering how Samsung is in the lead and has more experience in the mass production of flexible displays.

LG has not yet provided an official release date for the foldable OLED screen, but it is likely that next-generation smartphones from the company, Apple, Microsoft and Google may include the component. Being foldable may mean curved at the moment, instead of actually being capable of flexing at various positions.

Etnews stated that LG Display partnered with the three firms to create an out-foldable OLED display. The technical level of the previously developed LG prototype is significantly high.

LG may have received some help from outside manufacturers, but it is said to have developed the integral parts of the prototype. LG and Samsung allegedly invested over $11 billion to develop foldable displays for 2016 to secure Apple's orders for its future iPhones.

Various Types of Foldable OLED Panels in the Works

In the meantime, smartphone manufacturers are busy developing different types of OLED panels that may be flexed, rolled or curved. LG previously presented a huge transparent panel that can be folded and rolled, said to release in 2017. Apple is also said to be developing a hi-resolution curved-screen iPhone.

Industry experts also believe that Chinese manufacturers may be the first ones to mass-produce foldable displays and sell these at very low prices. Foldable panel makers in South Korea, however, are keen on creating high performance foldable panels, albeit shipping these at a later time.

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